Do you ship? No. We are not equipped to ship our products. The extra cost of packaging, handling, and overnight shipping makes this option prohibitively expensive. 

Do you accept pre orders? We only accept pre orders for 3 dozen or more with special rules for Weddings.

What about large pre orders? We reserve the right to limit large pre orders based on our ability to supply our retail locations; however, we appreciate those customers wishing to place a large order and do our best to fill them subject to the following terms.

  • Orders must be for 3 dozen or more.
  • Orders must be placed and prepaid one week in advance. (Prepaid orders are non refundable.)
  • We do not deliver but orders can be picked up at any of our retail locations.
  • Because we work with seasonal and locally sourced goods NO flavors are guaranteed

What about orders for Weddings? Weddings are wonderful occasions and we are are always pleased when people want FDB to be a part of their special day. However, weddings do create particular issues for us. Almost all weddings take place on the weekend which is our busiest time when we already face the challenge of providing enough product for our retail outlets. Also, weddings often present special challenges in terms of planning, specific requests, and deadlines. Therefore, these are our terms for wedding orders:

  • Orders must be a minimum of 100 products. (We recommend one per guest.)
  • Orders must be placed and prepaid two weeks in advance. (Prepaid orders are non refundable.)
  • Wedding orders are subject to a 10% surcharge due to the reasons listed above.
  • We do not deliver but orders may be picked up at any of our retail locations.
  • Due to the seasonality of our flavors and ingredients we absolutely do not guarantee every flavor requested.  If you have sensitivities, or allergies please let us know ahead of time and we will do our best to insure none of those flavors are part of your order.

Why are your donuts more expensive than regular donuts? There are several reasons why our donuts cost more. Here are three.

  • We use only the finest ingredients. We use the highest quality "grass fed" French butter. Our chocolates are single-origin. All of our ingredients are always non-GMO. We buy organic and local sourced whenever possible. We never use soy. We always use Grape Seed oil for frying.  These ingredients cost more and they are not what you find in a regular donut or even advertised in any croissant doughnuts we've found.
  • It takes four days to make a 100 Layer Donut. Most traditional donuts take three hours or less to make. Additionally, our donuts are far more labor intensive. Regular donuts are generally dipped and decorated in bulk. Ours are handled individually requiring more love and care by an actual human.
  • This is a different donut eating experience. With regular donuts most people absentmindedly will eat two or three, maybe even four. With the 100 Layer Donut most people fully engage and enjoy every bite of one to two donuts.  Weight for weight two 100 layer doughnuts weight about the same as 10 glazed krispy kreme doughnuts.  Instead of comparing a 100 Layer Donut to a regular donut a better comparison would be an order on a restaurant dessert menu or at a specialty dessert shop.

How can I find out what flavors are available? Check out our monthly menu on line for a list of current offerings.  For a specific day, the best way is to simply call our locations. We will be happy to tell you what flavors are in-stock. 

Do you do special designs? Although we have done special designs on occasion for promotional purposes this is not something we are equipped to offer to the general public.

Do you sell Five Daughters Bakery gift cards? Yes. Gift cards are available in various denominations at our retail outlets.

What about nutritional information? Because our products change every season (and sometimes every week) it is cost and time prohibitive for us to perform independent 3rd party nutritional analysis.  We do however have nutritional analysis for our paleo base flavors.  If you are interested in this information please emailing our admin with the request.

Is there any soy in your products? No. We do not use soy in any of our products.

What are your ingredients? While we do not release all of our ingredient lists we will be happy to address specific questions, especially regarding our Paleo and Vegan offerings. Simply address your question to